Sanddrif is the ideal base for nature lovers and the adventurous: trail hikers, mountain bikers and rock climbers. It is accessible but retains an air of remoteness, which makes it the perfect break-away for city dwellers. There’s a lot to do and enjoy: four well-known day hikes, bird watching, swimming, rock climbing, camping, mountain

biking, a unique observatory and rock art. The less fit can enjoy the cool crystal-clear waters of the Maalgat pools only a 35 minute walk away, wander through the Valley of the Red Gods, watch the sun set the mountains on fire and later admire the star-studded sky from around the campfire.

Hiking And Rock Climbing

This vast wilderness area, covering almost 172 000 ha, offers hiking routes for people of all fitness levels. Spectacular rock formations – including the Maltese Cross, Wolfberg Cracks, Wolfberg Arch, Tafelberg, Sneeuberg and Lot’s Wife – attract mountaineers and hikers alike. Unspoilt fynbos and a wide range of wildlife make this a must-see area for all nature lovers. CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

· Permits for hikes can only be obtained during office hours. Should you wish to start early, a permit can be booked telephonically.
· If you overnight at Sanddrif resort, take note that permits for the Wolfberg Cracks and Wolfberg Arch are not included in your fee and have to be
obtained BEFORE you go hiking. The permits for Maalgat and Lot’s Wife hikes are part of your overnight fee.
· When the resort is fully booked, permits for Maalgat will not be issued.
· To qualify for Wild card discounts, Wild cards need to be presented for CapeNature permits.
· NO overnight hiking permits are issued by Dwarsrivier and Sanddrif, please contact CapeNature for these.
· NO group, pensioner, tour guide or student discounts.
· Prices are subject to change.

Stadsaal Caves & Bushman Paintings

(CapeNature property)
On the road towards Ceres, 8 km from Dwarsrivier, a Nature Conservation sign will indicate the Stadsaal Caves. Take the turn-off, enter through the gate and drive in to see Stadsaal, a series of open caves and San paintings dating from the time when elephants freely roamed the area. This is one of two areas that can be reached within five minutes. CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

Duration ~ Depending on the tourist, a few minutes or a whole day can be spent in the area exploring the caves and rock formations.
Permits ~ Obtainable from all the tourist offices in the area. A permit and the lock combination for the gate at the entrance to the caves will be issued.
Cost ~ R40 per adult; R20 per child (2-13 years)

Maltese Cross

(CapeNature property)
In the direction of Algeria, approximately 850 m from the farm Dwarsrivier, a
turn-off to the left is signposted as leading to the Maltese Cross. A 6 km drive (permit required) leads to a parking area. This is the starting point of the walk. Follow the footpath and the cairns leading to the Maltese Cross CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES
Duration ~ 3 hours
Permits ~ Obtainable from our office
Cost ~ R60 per adult; R35 per child (2-13 years)

Lot’s Wife And Window Rocks

(on Dwarsrivier Farm)
About 1,6 km from Dwarsrivier towards Algeria you will find a parking area and a sign for Lot’s Wife. From there you start a gentle walk to where the beautiful Window Rocks can be seen. Just remember, the trail is shared with mountain bikers, so watch out for them! This is one of two areas that can be reached within five minutes. CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

Duration ~ 1–1½ hours
Cost ~ No charge

Swimming at Maalgat

(on Dwarsrivier Farm)
A huge swimming hole, approximately 50 m long and 30 m wide, with 8 m and 11 m high cliffs – definitely only for those crazy enough to jump! Also known by some as the ‘Seekoeigat’ or Hippo Pool. CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

Duration ~ 35 minutes in a downstream direction from Sanddrif resort
Permits ~ For day visitors, obtainable from our office
Note ~ Long weekends and school holidays: NO DAY VISITORS.
Cost ~ R40 per adult; R25 per scholar

Wolfberg Cracks & Arch

Approximately 1,2 km from Sanddrif, at the foot of the Wolfberg, there is a parking area under the oak trees. This is the start of the walk. The path leading to the Cracks is clearly visible. Three Cracks can be viewed, of which the first two are easily recognisable. The hike to the third crack is for the more adventurous tourist. A map indicating the route is available from the office at Dwarsrivier. At the top of the mountain, a path leads the way to the Arch. It’s easy to follow with cairns indicating where the path is not clear. Although there is an alternative route via the Riff, the same route is recommended on returning from the Arch. The office staff will explain the route in detail. CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

Duration Cracks ~ 3-4 hours (return)
Duration Cracks & Arch ~ 8 hours (return)
Permits ~ Obtainable from our office
Cost Cracks ~ R50 per adult; R30 per scholar
Cost Cracks & Arch ~ R100 per adult; R60 per child (2-13 years)

Rock Climbing at Sanddrif Crag

(on Dwarsrivier Farm)
9 Bolted routes. Graded 19-24. CLICK HERE TO SEE IMAGES

Permits ~ Obtainable from our office
Cost ~ R40-00 per adult; R25-00 per scholar